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The New York Attorney General Is Attempting to Compel Trump’s Testimony in a Business Investigation.

On Tuesday night, New York Attorney General Letitia James tried to compel former President Donald Trump and his two oldest children to cooperate with her investigation into the Trump Organization’s finances.
The court documents were filed by James’ office in response to Trumps’ efforts to avoid testifying in the probe.
She claimed that prosecutors had the right to see papers and hear sworn testimony from former President Donald Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr., and his daughter Ivanka Trump.
She requested that a judge order Trump to comply with her earlier subpoenas and dismiss their motion to quash them.
“No one in this country can choose whether or not the law applies to them,” James tweeted, adding that the three Trumps “have all been closely involved” in some Trump Organization transactions that “used fraudulent and misleading asset valuations on multiple properties to obtain economic benefits, including loans, insurance coverage, and tax deductions for years,” according to the attorney general.
The New York Attorney General Is Attempting to Compel Trump's Testimony in a Business Investigation.
The New York Attorney General Is Attempting to Compel Trump’s Testimony in a Business Investigation.
“No matter how many barriers Mr Trump and his family throw in our way, we will not be deterred in our attempts to complete this investigation, unearth the facts, and pursue justice,” James stated.
She also concluded that a parallel investigation of the Trumps by the New York County district attorney was unnecessary “is neither unique nor adequate justification for Respondents’ refusal to testify.
The involvement of attorneys from [the New York attorney general’s office] in a separate criminal inquiry does not provide the Court with the authority to quash lawfully issued subpoenas.”
Last month, former President Trump filed a lawsuit against James in an attempt to stymie her ongoing investigations into his financial dealings.
She had Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump subpoenaed earlier in January.


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James’ office hasn’t decided if the evidence gathered so far in the civil probe is sufficient to pursue legal action.
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