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Sarah Palin Dined Unvaccinated Two Days Before Positive Covid-test

A New York restaurant has apologised for allowing former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to dine there two days before she tested positive for Covid-19.

Sarah Palin Dined Unvaccinated Two Days Before Positive Covid-test
Sarah Palin Dined Unvaccinated Two Days Before Positive Covid-test

Diners in New York City must show proof of vaccination before entering restaurants, according to city regulations.

On the other hand, it appears that no one inquired about the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee’s vaccination status prior to her Saturday night dinner at Elio’s on Manhattan’s Upper East Side

This isolated incident and unfortunate oversight is being taken very seriously by Luca Guaitolini, the restaurant’s manager, who issued a statement on Monday.

“Elio’s adheres to and believes in the vaccine mandate, and all it is doing to protect our staff, regulars, and the dining public,” he added.

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According to Mr. Guaitolini, he wasn’t working on Saturday night and the restaurant is reaching out to other customers who dined at the same time as Ms. Palin and an unidentified “regular” guest.

Now, he said, “my focus is on the safety of my staff and our guests,” who were working the floor that night.

For a defamation trial against the New York Times, Sarah Palin is in the city. After hearing that Palin had tested positive for coronavirus just moments before the trial was set to begin, Manhattan district judge Jed Rakoff made the announcement.

He went on to say, “Of course, she is unvaccinated.

Officials at city hall said in a statement that they implemented the new regulations “to protect all New Yorkers, including the small businesses that power our city’s economy.”. She must respect small business workers and adhere to the law in the same way that the rest of us do.

Sarah Palin Dined Unvaccinated Two Days Before Positive Covid-test
Sarah Palin Dined Unvaccinated Two Days Before Positive Covid-test

In April of last year, Ms. Palin and several members of her family were found to be carriers of the Covid-19 virus. During that time, she urged people to maintain a degree of social distance and to wear masks to hide their true feelings.

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In an interview with the New York Times on Monday, Mr Guaitolini said, “We just made a mistake. Because she was dining with a familiar face, he argued that the restaurant’s policy of checking vaccination cards of all first-time customers was to blame for the error.

Guaitolini said she “probably just walked in and walked over” to her table. To put it another way, “We’re trying to figure this out.”

The city’s guidelines for restaurants state that they must “have a system in place for controlling crowding at your front door” and ask guests questions in order to keep out sick people and to keep their establishments clean.

Officials claim to have checked on 25,000 small businesses, among them Elio’s, and found that they were all adhering to the rules.

The defamation trial of Sarah Palin against The Times has been postponed until the 3rd of February.

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Celebrity diners at Elio’s include Tom Hanks and Joan Didion as well as Mick Jagger. It was founded by Luca Guaitolini’s father, Elio Guaitolini, who died in 2016. “An informal clubhouse for Manhattan’s social and media elite,” read his obituary.

Mr Guaitolini said that Ms Palin “is a controversial person wherever she goes.” I just hope she recovers quickly.

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