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Biden’s Must-read Social Security Quote. Viral News!

The Biden administration revealed a new effort only a few weeks before Christmas that might greatly streamline the process of getting Social Security payments.

On Dec. 13, President Joe Biden signed an executive order aimed at “transforming federal customer experience and service delivery,” an initiative aimed at reducing paperwork, easing administrative burdens, increasing efficiency, and streamlining and simplifying the federal government’s interactions with Americans.

The administration referred to it as an effort to reduce people’s “time tax,” which refers to the time spent navigating government red tape to get government services.

The executive order affects 17 federal agencies, including the Social Security Administration (SSA). Here’s how it’ll affect your Social Security benefits.

The directive asks for the creation of digital and mobile processes that will allow individuals to apply for and receive Social Security benefits, submit forms, acquire documents, and make questions online, among other things, rather than going to a field office or doing business by mail.

Biden's Must-read Social Security Quote. Viral News!
Biden’s Must-read Social Security Quote.

In most circumstances, it also eliminates the necessity for physical signatures in favour of electronic signatures.

It also allows the SSA to exchange information with other government agencies and assist consumers in locating additional benefits for which they may be qualified.

Overall, the order directs that all SSA services that “require original or physical documents or in-person appearance as an aspect of identification or proof verification” be reviewed.

The objective is to find policy modifications that modernise customer experiences while also reducing some of the present backlogs.

“You should be able to file for Social Security benefits without having to go to a Social Security office, and Medicare should proactively reach out to you with the tools you need to manage your health and save money,” Biden said during the signing ceremony on Dec. 13.

During the epidemic, Social Security began transferring some of its services online, with field offices only available by appointment.

Although field offices will remain available for persons who do not have access to the internet or mobile devices, this executive order expands and speeds that effort.

Beneficiaries will receive their funds sooner and with less difficulty as a result of this.

“The bottom line is that we’re going to make the government operate better for Americans by making it less complex and more simple. And we’re going to do it because I believe it will help restore trust in government “Biden went on to say.

The order compels the SSA to provide a status report on the execution of these regulations to the Office of Management and Budget within 120 days, which would coincide with tax filing season.

Biden's Must-read Social Security Quote. Viral News!
Biden’s Must-read Social Security Quote.

A 5.9% rise in Social Security payments, which began this month, is another significant shift for 2022. Since 1982, this is the greatest cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). The increase is linked to a rise in the Consumer Price Index, which is a measure of inflation.

As a result, the average retiree will get $1,657 in Social Security payments per month in 2021, up to $92 per month.

While many retirees are feeling the pinch as a result of rising prices, these actions could help lessen some of the pain.

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