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According to a Source, a ‘fake Elector’ in Michigan Was Collaborating With a Trump Lawyer.

Former President Donald Trump’s supporters allegedly received orders from the Republican leader’s campaign to march into the Michigan Capitol in Lansing.
According to The Detroit News, a group of supporters “considered” collaborating with a Republican congressman with a Capitol office to sneak the 16 Trump electors inside the elector chamber where the official count was taking place.
“…(W)e convened and organised in the state Capitol, in the city of Lansing, Michigan, at 2.00 pm Eastern Standard Time on the 14th day of December 2020,” according to a forgery signed and submitted to the National Archives.
The signatories to the documents fraudulently claimed to be “duly elected and qualified electors.”
The Detroit News reported that there had been discussions about how to obtain Trump electors in “the right place at the right time,” according to Robert Norton, an attorney who worked on the 2020 Michigan election in the “background.”
According to a Source, a 'fake Elector' in Michigan Was Collaborating With a Trump Lawyer.
According to a Source, a ‘fake Elector’ in Michigan Was Collaborating With a Trump Lawyer.


Stan Grot, a Shelby Township clerk who signed the certificate declaring Mr Trump the winner of the election, claimed he was summoned to sign a document.
He claimed he had received a call from a lawyer in Washington, DC, working on Mr Trump’s behalf.
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel stated last week that she had referred an inquiry into the group of Republicans who signed the fraudulent documents purporting to give Mr Trump the state’s electoral votes.
“I believe obviously you have forgery of a public document, which is a 14-year violation, and election law forgery, which is a five-year penalty,” she said MSNBC.
The bogus documents were signed by Republicans in an attempt to sabotage Joe Biden’s victory.
Mr Biden won the swing state by 154,000 votes, which has been maintained by a series of court rulings, dealing a blow to Mr Trump’s efforts to sway the election results.
The group held a signing of the bogus documents outside the state capitol after being refused access.
The certificates were subsequently sent to the National Archives, which rejected them and reported the forgeries to Michigan officials.
Similar fake paperwork were presented to the archives by Republican would-be electors in many other swing states, and several Trump administration officials openly acknowledged the existence of the so-called “alternative slates” of phoney electors.
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