Texas authorities on high alert after convicted serial snowman rapist escapes from prison during winter storm

Texas authorities are on high alert after a convicted serial snowman rapist has escaped from a Texarkana federal prison.

Travis Feldman, 42, a multi-recidivist sexual offender and exhibitionist has escaped from FCI Texarkana, a low-security federal prison.

Authorities fear the man could go on a wild sex rampage due to the current meteorological conditions prevailing in the region.

“The escapee is sexually aroused by snowmen and likes to show his genitalia in the presence of, and have sexual intercourse with, snowmen,” Texarkana Sheriff Deputy Alex Ford told reporters during a press conference.

Texarkana Sheriff Deputy Alex Ford warned that although the escaped convict is not a danger for the population, people should be wary of suspicious individuals partaking in sexual intercourse with snowmen on their family property and contact authorities.

“Feldman suffers from a rare fetishism disorder first associated with Frosty the Snowman and which has now evolved to encompass snowmen in general” psychology professor Karen Young at the University of Houston explained.

Professor Young believes the present winter storm could explain why the federal convict has decided to escape the prison during this period even though he had only weeks before his sentence would have been served in its entirety.

“The news of the snowstorm, people playing in the snow and building snowmen, it must’ve made his libido shoot out the roof,” the University of Houston professor added.

Travis Feldman, 42, was transferred from a Minnesota prison in 2006 after he had been arrested for molesting a reported 72 snowmen on six different occasions.

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