Acupuncturist takes revenge on cheating boyfriend by inserting over 600 needles in his genitals

A New York resident has been arrested after allegedly inserting over 600 needles in her boyfriend’s genitals while he was sleeping and heavily intoxicated by alcohol.

Jessica Lang, 38, an acupuncturist by profession, apparently took revenge on her cheating boyfriend after she discovered he was having an affair with another woman said the NYPD.

Lang inserted over 600 needles all over her boyfriend’s genitals including parts of the penis, testicles, and 76 needles were also placed inside of his rectum, medical staff at New York Presbyterian Hospital reported.

“One twelve-inch needle had been placed inside the patient’s urethra and took three hours to remove because it broke twice during the operation,” explained Dr. Eliana Goldberg.

Dr. Eliana Goldberg of the New York Presbyterian Hospital said staff removed a total of 647 needles from the patient’s genitals during an operation which lasted a total of sixteen hours.

“The penis of the patient was of fairly small size which is not irregular for Asian men but made the operation much more difficult,” one medical staff member told reporters.

Jessica Lang’s acupuncturist license was almost revoked in 2016 after she had inserted several needles in one of her patient’s eyes.

“She didn’t like the way he looked at her, so she put a bunch of needles in his eyes,” one coworker said when reached by phone.

In 2012, a similar event occurred when a jealous wife decided to rub their pet porcupine onto her husband’s genitals, necessitating the removal of 10,087 porcupine quills from the victim’s body during a gruesome 48-hour-long operation.

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